Monday, October 20, 2008

Denver, CO

Yesterday (October 19, 2008) I ran the Denver Half Marathon.  I flew in on Saturday morning, had dinner with a friend I haven't seen in ages on Saturday night, ran on Sunday morning and flew home later that afternoon. 

What a great day!  With 8,000 participants, beautiful weather (starting at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, ending at 71 degrees) with minimal 12 mph winds, it was a beautiful day to run.

I've tried to run in Tahoe (elevation 6,000 feet), but somehow the 5,280 feet didn't seem as bad.  It also might have helped that my friend lives in Morrison, about 40 minutes outside of Denver, and the elevation at her place is 7,516 feet (according to Google Maps).   This was an amazingly flat course, which also didn't hurt!

Thanks to a good group of friends for the encouragement!  Tina, Sheila, Grace, and Katie, I don't think I can tell you how much it meant to hear you cheer me on from a distance ;-).  I'm going to try and talk you all into joining me for one of my out of state adventures soon.

Last notes...since I wasn't able to stay, I missed what will hopefully be a post-race routine...checking out a great spa or restaurant.  Apparently the Brown Palace Hotel nearby has a fabulous spa that I'll have to go back and visit next time I'm in town.

I am in the planning stages for 2009!   I'm looking for half marathons in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada and Montana.    Any recommendations?   Click on the comments link below this post....

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